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I've lived in Milton since 2002, and trust me, I've been everywhere looking for a "Keeper". You know, a hairdresser that knows you, knows your hair, and knows exactly what you want? When my friend (who is beyond vain, and always looks like a million bucks) finally let me know about her hairdresser, I was one happy gal.

Omid knows my hair, and he knows what is going to look great on me. All I need to do is plop myself in his chair, and say "Go for it", and he smiles and does just that. Every suggestion he's ever made for my cut or colour has been right on, and I've never been disappointed. He's my "Keeper" for sure.


P.S. My youngest daughter is painfully shy, and it helped in such a big way that Omid has a daughter exactly her age. He knew instinctively how to speak to her, and get her past her fear of him. My teenager raves about him. It is so nice to finally have a place I can take the whole family!


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